This article was not translated to languages other than English. Please be aware of this while reading.

The Skyfallen Company was established on 22 April 2016 with the name tekno-net in Turkey. Tekno-net was created with Wixsite which was popular at the time to start a blog.In following years its name was changed to KucukRobotcuk and address to kucukrobotcuk.cf by Founder Yigit Kerem Oktay. With its move to its own domain instead of wixsite, Kucukrobotcuk started using WordPress and started its journey in Turkish.

A few months later English translated version of kucukrobotcuk,redrobot.cf was launched to publish articles in English. Both publishing same articles translated. When date was 10 March 2019, with its 3rd move it moved to KucukRobotcuk.com rebranding redrobot as KucukRobotcuk English. As KucukRobotcuk became KucukRobotcuk,Inc. in 11 March 2019 it had 5K visitors every day with now being more than 1M daily. October 17th 2020 is the day The Skyfallen Company was established by KucukRobotcuk to become the parent company of KucukRobotcuk. At October 20th 2019 Kucukrobotcuk was briefly unavailable for 5 days of migrating to The Skyfallen Company. October 24th 2019, The Skyfallen was established to fully replace KucukRobotcuk English. On April 19th 2020 deducated was established to provide distant educations solutions.

Now with 3 subsidiaries The Skyfallen Company is visited by millions of people every day.