SkyMake 4 gets its 20th release

Today is October 28th 2020.

Today, Skyfallen has released SkyMake 4’s latest release (SFR-204497) for all users worldwide. This update contains bug fixes for previous versions, adds compatibility for SkyMake Desktop app and many more features.

What makes this update special is the fact that it is the 20th release of SkyMake 4 after its first public version was released on August 30, 2020. It indicated how far we’ve come after the original SkyMake 1 released on 2016.

SkyMake 4 contains industry leading features like end-to-end encryption allowing users to communicate privately and securely. A new feature added in the latest releases, you can now use our Desktop app to join the live classes seamlessly.

We hope to serve people with ground breaking distance education technologies for many upcoming years.

The Ultimate
Distance Education Platform

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